Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Happy pancake day

Or Shrove Tuesday if you prefer. No pictures to share with you today but will be picking up my Home stitching any minute now.  Well, maybe after I've made some pancakes and a cup of tea.  I have to join in with the spirit of things.

I found another new blog to follow today - http://stjohnsstitcher.blogspot.co.uk.  Melissa is having a birthday/200 followers giveaway on her site so go take a gander and give her a follow.  I might take a look back through her old posts whilst enjoying some fried batter.  Let's hope I don't get lost in (inter)net space this evening and ignore my stitching but I do love seeing other peoples work


  1. Hi Clair! Welcome to blogland! I saw that you started to follow my blog so I figured I'd see if you had one yourself.

    Happy Pancake day to you too - I know I was certainly full up on them last night haha.

    Just a helpful tip - you can add a gadget on the layout section in blogger called followers. when you add this gadget then other can follow your blog too!

    have a great day!


    1. Thank you so much for the tip Melissa - I think I have managed to add a follower button. It's all a learning curve!