Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Money, money, money

I've not been doing a great deal of stitching but I've more than made up for it with my spending!  I thought I would share with you some of my recent purchases - I'll think you'll agree I had no other option but to buy them :)

One of my first purchases was this Malin Maline hanger 'double cake'.  It is the same site I got the 'Pretty Pastries' cross stitch that I have almost completed.  I'm hoping this might give me the final push to get it done.

www.malinmaline.com - it is a French website but you can translate it into English if (like me) you need to.  They have such pretty things I am always tempted when I visit.

This is the backing fabric I've picked to back the finished piece - having looked again at the samples on the Malin Maline site I may now swap it for a dotty fabric.  What do you think?
Pretty Pastries by Malin Maline
I also picked this hanger for a recently completed cross stitch that is sitting in a box.  Adding a finish to my stitching was not one of my strong points until the new year of 2012 when I decided that I must:
  • Finish some of my works in progress (believe me, there are many!)
  • Do something with my cross stitch pieces other than hide them in a box
Let's just say I am still working on these resolutions and perhaps this blog will help me along the way.

My new copy of 'Cross Stitcher' arrived this week and along with 'Love Quilting and Patchwork' I can see that my resolutions may not be closer to being realised just yet.  I love the cushion cover on the front of Cross Stitcher and am very tempted to add it to my list of planned projects.

Not the best photo but believe me, it is gorgeous.  I've some more goodies to share but perhaps I'll leave them until next time.  Don't want you all thinking I am a compulsive shopper!

On a final note, my 'Secret Stitching Sweetheart' has been revealed.  The beautiful heart was completed by Christine at http://alchymyst.blogspot.co.uk.  If you haven't checked all the entries out already be sure to head over to Jo's blog  to have a look - http://serendipitousstitching.blogspot.co.uk

Until next time,



  1. Glad to hear I'm not the only one that stores finished pieces in a box! That's something I need to work on, in addition to finishing the ones I've started.

    Can't wait to see your Pretty Pastries in the hanger, that will look great.

  2. Mine are not in a box but they are piling up. Great backing fabric choice.