Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Stitching update

An update on the stitching I have been doing.  Not much progress I hear you say and you would be correct.  I was going great guns on the 'Home' piece but haven't touched it for a couple of weeks.  I'm about to change that this evening.  No excuse now as I have all the cottons I need.
You're not going mad - I took the photo upside down to avoid casting my shadow over it.  Looks a bit odd.  I've finished the H and decided to stitch all the letter outlines next to see how big the finished piece will be.  It's pretty big.

And here is yet another cushion finished.  I had the pink squares made up for a while but pieced it together with the remains of brown from the thread catcher.  Pink and brown is another of my favourite colour combinations, along with brown and eggshell blue.

I've also started on the Country Cottage Needleworks series, starting with 'Santa's House'.  I had to wait for the fabric to come back into stock and so I feel a bit behind.  I loved the Cottages of the Month released last year although I still have a few to complete in order to have the whole year done.

Really need to get my stitch on!

Until next time,


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