Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Stitching update

I had a lovely time away in York and I even managed to squeeze in some stitching.  York is a beautiful city but it was also freezing!  We had a Siberian wind across the UK this past weekend and boy, was it cold with temperatures of 0 feeling more like minus 8 (typical British trait here, discussing the weather whenever we can, LOL).  We did manage a spot of sightseeing but after getting thoroughly soaked on the Saturday and frozen - including snow - on the Sunday, we spent more time in the cottage than out in the city.  I'll have to go back one day and explore further.

I took a lot of pictures on my new camera but I'll just share a couple, one of York Minster, the largest Gothic cathedral in northern Europe.
 And this is one of the gates to the City with a view of the cathedral spires in the background.
I took this picture outside the cottage we stayed in.  Not much snow left by the Monday morning.  There is a small stream running alongside the road to the left - it really was a pretty spot.

And here is the stitching I managed to do.  It's the O from the Home piece I am working on.  I thought I would get more done but if I didn't have a cup of tea in my hands, it was a slice of cake and if it wasn't a slice of cake it was a glass of red wine!  It was an indulgent weekend away and was the perfect way to recuperate after my recent infection and virus.  Good food, good friends and laughter are the ultimate medicine.
I'm planning on visiting the Spring Knitting and Stitching Show at Olympia, London this weekend.  I'll take my camera with me - and a full purse.  If previous visits are anything to go by that will come back empty and my stitching stash is about to get much bigger.

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  1. I love York, it is such a beautiful city.
    Enjoy your trip to Olympia