Sunday, 27 January 2013

Australian Open Final and a bit of stitching

Here is one of the projects I am currently working on.  It's a pattern by Emily Peacock from Cross Stitcher magazine called Circus ABC.  I have been thinking about doing this pattern for a long time but rather than as a traditional cross stitch using embroidery thread I wanted to use tapestry wools to make it big and chunky.

As you can see it is a bold and bright pattern which is quite different from my normal patterns but so far, I'm liking it.  The colours do not show up particularly true to life in the following photos, for instance the pink is a much more dusky shade.

I think you will agree they are colours suitable for a circus design!

And in case you were wondering the finished item will spell 'Home'.  That's the plan anyway - true to form I was so excited to start this and see what the colours looked like on the canvas that I started stitching the 'E' first rather than the 'H'.  My blog is called reversed stitching for a very good reason!  Luckily I had not stitched more than a few rows so there was not too much unpicking to do.

I'm not sure how much I will get done on this today as totally distracted by the tennis (C'mon Andy) and my stitching tends to get a bit wonky when engrossed in a tennis match.  Until next time,


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