Tuesday, 29 January 2013

On-going projects

I thought I'd share with you a couple of the other stitching projects I am working on.  My projects are all quite different which does help keep me interested - if I get bored with one I can move onto another, completely different style stitching piece.

This first one is by Bothy Threads and is one of the cut through designs - 'Haberdashers'.  This one was progressing quite nicely until a couple of weeks ago when I managed to drop my dinner and splash half of my threads with tomato sauce!

I purchased this one in the January sales - you can see the reduced sticker on the packaging.  I love browsing around needlework shops and can happily spend hours (and pounds) looking at all the fabrics, threads, patterns etc.

The other pattern I am working on is an Anchor one, Red Flower Series.  I've almost finished the first one in the series (poppies) and this is the second one, tulips.

I was stitching this over the Christmas holidays and yes you guessed it, I put it down when I brought the new Haberdashers one because I couldn't resist starting it but mainly because I made a mistake and need to do a little reverse stitching on the left hand side of the work.  Grr.

Maybe I'll get that done sometime soon :)

Until next time


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