Thursday, 31 January 2013

Numpty stick

Today the numpty stick came out and was put to work.  I was progressing quite nicely through this piece when I noticed that my whites were not matching.  It's difficult to see in the picture but the white used in the middle layer was a slightly creamy white rather than being a true white. 

Once I had noticed the difference I knew I would have to 'reverse stitch' it otherwise I would never be happy with the finished result.  This is such a beautiful cross stitch and I fell in love with as soon as I saw it.  So with a sigh...
...out it came.  Funny how something can completely change in shape and form
I've been off work sick today - I've got an infection requiring antibiotics and they are making me feel almost worse than the bug!  So all in all not a great day and so it felt appropriate to be doing something destructive rather than creative.

Next on my agenda is some  more unpicking - this time from the first cross stitch I showed you.  I spotted a mistake on the letter 'H' of my home stitching.  It's a busy day for the numpty stick. Thank goodness for chocolate digestives



  1. Hi, returning the following. Great cake stand!
    Are you from Norfolk by any chance? Use of the word "numpty" makes me wonder LOL.

    1. Hi
      No, not from Norfolk but it is one of my favourite words. I picked it up from the stitching evening I go to - we laughingly pass the numpty stick around to whoever needs it!

  2. Hey, just realised, I can't follow you, you don't have a Followers gadget!! Add one and I'll come and follow!