Saturday, 26 January 2013


I've been thinking about starting a blog for a while and today have decided to take the plunge.  As this is a new venture for me please be patient as I find my way around the functions.

I'll start by explaining my site name.  It comes from my experience of stitching as I always seem to be unpicking something - cross stitch, knitting, sewing.  To make myself feel better about this thankless and frankly un-enjoyable task I tell myself I am simply 'reverse stitching'.  It generally does the trick and if not, whatever I am working on goes back in the basket and a new project comes out.

My main interest is cross stitching and so i will be sharing my progress (or non progress) on my current projects with you here.

Now to find out how to illustrate this thing.  And if you have stopped by - welcome and thank you.  Comments are not currently allowed but I will look to adding these in as I learn.